CB Mass - 14 Watch Out

Fresh from the meadow with a mellow attitude
I was plannin` to persue another quest for the bus
I had to go to San Fran it`s something that I can`t stand
It`s beggin` for a ride with ma dukes makes a fuss
I don`t like fussin` so I ask my older cousin
Could he maybe find time to give the D E L a lift
He said it is impossible because he has a roster full of plans for the
I had to go and sift through pennies in my jeans
To many it may seem that the public transportation really isn`t keen
And I agree with the theory
Because it`s 3:30 and the bus was due at 2:35
I wear my Girbauds so I can wait with pride
I waited at the bus stop feeling kinda high
From a spliff that I smoked
I riffed and provoked
A liitle scene when the bus arrived late like a joke
With a corny punchline
And it was only lunchtime
The bus should`ve been here. the driver had much time
To get is act together
No matter what the weather
Now I`m sittin` at the bus stop waitin` like forever
[SKIT #1]
When oh when is the bus gonna come
I`m getting sick and tired of the wait
When oh when is the bus gonna come
Well here comes a pack of about 14
Lookin` real mean with hoodies and jeans
And bad attitudes and I wasn`t in the mood
For no head on collision with the hoods
Try to use my transfer but it`s no good
Would these rough lookin` kids get busy with the youngsta
Amongst the many who must catch rapid transit to get through the city
I`m not certain
But if I go sit in the back it`s curtains
Kids wanna ride the back
What kinda shit is that?
Nowadays niggas can`t wait to hit the back
Let me stand in the front with the elderly
So those other cats won`t raise hell with me
[SKIT #2]
Oh golly gee. not another day on the 46A
I should`ve caught the 46B
`Cause dukes takes the mass scene and group through the trees
And shoots the breeze with the ladies
Look at that around the way girl
Yeah. I see her
(whistle) More crack than a drug dealer
A kid sits by me with a gang of afro sheen on
I`m not Joe Clark and I would hate for him to lean on
My shoulder and try to hold a conversation
`Cause I don`t have the patience
When oh when is the bus gonna reach its destination
Question over space and time
Wastin` time
Word up. I can`t take this line of nitwits
I`m about to have a fit quick
`Cause this trip here is making me car sick
Check out the brother with the loaded .38
Braggin` to his buddies about the money that he makes
Sellin` crack viles like pancakes
To baseheads just like the one
That`s sittin by the window starvin` for a fix
He spent his last 80 cents on fare
He raises up and lets me get in his chair
Then I sit and take a snooze
But I still lose
`Cause I cruise right past my stop
Had to get off and walk 15 blocks. . .